1. What is Runlet?

Runlet is a cloud-based job manager that offers device synchronization and reliable message delivery in a network of connected devices even after connectivity issues.

2. Why use Runlet?

Runlet provides an easy to use interface to manage jobs across a network of connected devices, trigger remote executions, and view logs from remotely executed jobs. You can also quickly get a new device started since all configuration files and logs are stored in the cloud and synced after sign in.

3. What are the platforms supported by Runlet?

The desktop distribution includes both the daemon and a full-featured GUI, and is recommended for Linux, Mac and Windows users. The ARM distribution includes only the daemon, and is recommended for resource constrained devices like the Raspberry Pi.

4. How does Runlet handle personal data?

We only collect basic user information during registration (such as your name, email address, and social media avatar), and we do not share your personal data with any affiliates or service providers. All payments to us are handled via a third party, Chargebee. For more details, have a look at our terms of service and privacy policy.

5. Is Runlet secure?

Yes, all logs are encrypted by the host machine before submitted to our servers, and decrypted once received by another device connected to the network.